Lord of the Elves VN

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Elves, vampires, orcs, monsters, creatures, demons and more! There are all sorts of creatures you can think of, and... they are all very attractive

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Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iOS

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[09.09.2022] Hi all! Years later, Viznity Games' favourite game Lord of the Elves is back!
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We find ourselves in another world unexpectedly, Fantasyland.
We open our eyes in the middle of a large circle of circles, and on top of our chest we realize that there is a detailed embroidered sword.
The two girls next to us claim that they are summoning us to this world, and more importantly, there is a very important purpose for us to come here.
The elves are about to become extinct and we are the only ones who can prevent this.
Elf girls who have lost all their men are eager to present their bodies to their lord.
It seems that dominating all elves and their lord will also pose a huge problem with other races.
Get ready for a big adventure!


- Adventure based gameplay, feel free to explore the world!
- High quality visuals
- RPG-like VN game
- Multiple dialogue choices and branching events.
- And of course, you can get close to the girls.


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